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Review of AdBrite
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Updated - 08/03/2008

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AdBriteAdBrite offers a way for publishers to convert their site’s traffic into advertising offers. By posting “Your Ad Here” spaces on their sites, publishers can link site visitors to the advertising opportunities that they are currently offering and therefore generate more interest in the site’s ad spaces than would have been possible through only AdBrite’s marketplace.

AdBrite also allows publishers to set their own ad rates and to approve and reject ad offers, giving them more power over what goes on their site and for what price than many other networks allow. With 547 million impressions per day on 20,758 sites and numerous advertising and customization options, AdBrite is a large network that offers flexible and innovative ways for publishers to monetize their ad spaces.


AdBrite offers its publishers a lot of control over their advertisement spaces by allowing them to sell ads through their own site and to approve and reject offers, but it also offers an alternative to doing this. If publishers choose, they can also set a reserve price (based on eCPM) for their AdBrite ad placements. If the ad served by AdBrite meets this reserve, it will be displayed. If it does not, the alternative code – provided by the publisher – will be displayed. This could be from Adsense, YPN, or any other ad network.

One form of advertisement that AdBrite offers is text ads, which are sold both on a CPC basis. These ads can be customized to fit the theme of the site in which they are being embedded. Banner ads are also available on a CPM basis and typically have a higher payout than text ads. They come in five standard sizes.

AdBrite also offers a couple of other kinds of advertisement. Interstitial ads are shown in-between pages of your site. Publishers can customize the header to match the look and feel of their sites, and they can choose to display the ad after 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 page views. Publishers can use HTML coding to mark the portions of their site on which they would like to allow inline ads, but they cannot choose which words specifically become links. No more than 8 keywords will become inline ads and these pay on a CPC basis.

BritePic and InVideo are the final methods of advertising that AdBrite offers. These services present ways to make videos and pictures on a site interactive. In addition to embedding advertisements, publishers can use these features to add links, captions, and other extras to the media. For example, site visitors are able to embed the pictures (BritePic) and videos (InVideo) on their own sites, but the integrated ads are still those of the original publisher. This is similar to Revver’s model.

All of AdBrite’s features are managed through a single account, and this one account can handle all of a publisher’s sites. They also support international sites that are not operated in English.

AdBrite offers two ways to sell ad space. Firstly, sites are indexed by category and tags so that advertisers can search for certain kinds of sites in AdBrite’s marketplace. They can then make a bid on that ad space which will compete with any other bids made.

Secondly, they offer users the option of posting “Your Ad Here” on their sites, enticing their traffic to choose to advertise. About 50% of most AdBrite users’ sales are generated through each method.

Flat rate ads pay the price that the publisher approves for that specific ad. CPC and CPM ads in auction mode are paid at the rate of $.01 over the highest bid.


AdBrite publishers are notified of new advertising offers for their site via email and also on the AdBrite homepage, which is also where they can log into their control panel to manage their account. If an offer is not approved or rejected after seven days, AdBrite reviews the offer on behalf of the publisher and acts according to their filter preferences and past behaviors.

AdBrite’s control panel is tabbed and easy to navigate. The “Manage Ad Zones” tab includes most of the tools publishers need. It shows the types of ad zones currently approved on the site and produces codes for the ad campaigns, as well as allowing site owners to edit and delete the zones.

There are many features of an ad zone that can be edited. Publishers can choose what kinds of ads they would like to run and what ads they would like to be shown if AdBrite cannot fill the space. They can also choose whether to allow advertising offers to be manually approved or auto-approved, and whether they will manually or automatically set the prices for the ad zones. Additionally, AdBrite lets its publishers customize their text advertisements, choosing the color of the title, ad, and background color so that the ads will be better integrated with the overall look of the site. Site owners can also specify whether to stick to family-friendly content only or to allow less family-friendly content.

Through the control panel, publishers can also create a site description that advertisers will view in the AdBrite marketplace. They can write tags saying what kind of site they run, what products they believe would sell well on their site, and what kind of visitors they get. The “View Your Ad Here” link allows publishers to see the information that is presented to advertisers about their site, including basic traffic information, the ad types available, the publisher’s average response time and membership length, and what other advertisers have paid for CPC ads, broken down into categories by company type.

Finally, the control panel is where publishers can approve new ads. It is also here that they can add videos and pictures to utilize the InVideo and BritePic features of AdBrite.

Available Types and Formats

AdBrite offers text link, banner, interstitial, inline, InVideo, and BritePic ads. The text and banner ads are available in a 728 x 90 leaderboard, a 468 x 60 banner, a 160 x 600 wide skyscraper, a 120 x 600 skyscraper, a 300 x 250 medium rectangle, and in a size determined by the number of text ads displayed at one time. InVideo and BritePic fit the site’s media.


Reports are available through the control panel, which shows the publisher’s total earnings, average daily earnings, ad views, clicks, month-to-date earnings, and earnings for past months. Zone stats are also displayed showing each ad zone’s total and daily hits and clicks. Links from this page break the statistics down by individual ad campaign. Finally, the earnings tab documents the publisher’s payments and earnings, broken down by ad zone and type

How to Get Started

To become an AdBrite member, site owners must complete a simple online application. There is no minimum traffic requirement for this ad network or any requirements regarding the site’s content.

After their application is approved, users can then specify their preferences in the control panel, choosing the types of ads that they would like to run. They will then begin to receive offers from advertisers, which they can either accept or reject. Text ads operating on a site-specific flat rate basis appear on the site on the next earliest available date. Site-specific CPM ads and keyword targeted CPC ads appear up to a few hours after being approved, or on the date specified by the advertiser. Banner ads are posted on the site when AdBrite has reviewed and approved them. Active interstitials show up on a site after a set number of page views and are capped at one per day. Publishers can start referring site visitors when the referral button appears on their site.

Referral Program

AdBrite’s referral program allows publishers to put links to the ad network on their sites as a way of generating a bit of extra revenue. If a new publisher signs up for AdBrite through one of these links, they receive 50% of AdBrite’s profit’s from this new user for the first three months, and 10% for nine months after that.


AdBrite gives its publishers 70% of the revenues generated from their ad spaces and keeps 30%. Payments are made to publishers by checks in U.S. dollars, and the minimum payment amount is $5, although users must change the default $100 minimum in order to receive checks this small. Earnings under the minimum amount roll over into the next month. AdBrite pays at the end of each month for a publisher’s earnings in the month two months prior; for example, revenues made in March will be paid out at the end of May.

More Information and Support

AdBrite’s website is cheerfully colored and has an extensive FAQ section with a lot of useful information and tools. The ad network also maintains a blog and runs a forum where its users can help each other and share tips.

Support is available by phone Monday-Friday 9 AM—5 PM PST or by email at any time. Responses are sent out within 24 hours.


AdBrite offers its users unique ways of advertising and is both easy to use and reliable. It is compatible with other services and can be customized to match a publisher’s site theme. The InVideo and BritePic features are particularly attractive, especially for publishers with a lot of multimedia content. Overall, this network is a good alternative for publishers who wish to monetize their sites, especially if they feel that they could easily sell ad spaces to their visitors through on-site ads.

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