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Review of MaxBounty
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Updated - 28/05/2008

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MaxBountyAs affiliate marketing becomes more popular and more lucrative, more advertising networks are popping up that offer some of the best CPA (cost per action) rates in the business. Instead of relying on a CPC or CPM based model of site monetization, publishers can now cash in on very lucrative affiliate deals while offering their site visitors a great level of value.

MaxBounty is one such CPA-based advertising network and it says that it has some of best payouts in the industry. Better still, MaxBounty is fully ensconced in the world of web 2.0, offering all sorts of ways to stay on top of the latest and greatest affiliate deals in its network.


At the time that this review was written, MaxBounty had approximately 300 different affiliate deals available in its network. Like other CPA-based networks, MaxBounty allows publishers to receive a single aggregate payment from all the different advertisers, rather than having to sign up for each affiliate program independently and receiving individual payments from each of the advertisers.

All advertisers work on a pay-per-performance basis. This means that in order for a publisher to get paid, a site visitor must complete a certain action. This could be registering for an online service, signing up for a free trial, or completing a purchase with the advertiser. Some of the affiliate deals offered through MaxBounty are managed in-house, whereas others are managed by the advertisers themselves.

Generally speaking, publishers are approved for the majority of affiliate deals offered through the MaxBounty network the moment that they have been approved by MaxBounty. There are some advertisers, however, who require an additional level of approval. This is indicated by an “apply now” link next to the advertiser in the list of offers.

To keep track of all the latest affiliate campaigns and news, MaxBounty offers no fewer than three ways to stay connected. Publishers can subscribe to the provided RSS news feed, they can follow the MaxBounty Twitter account, and they can receive periodic emails from their assigned affiliate representative. Each publisher is assigned a personal affiliate representative. This is the primary point of contact with MaxBounty. Contact information for this affiliate manager is provided in the form of a name, a phone number, an email address, and an AIM account.

Control Panel

The MaxBounty user control panel is broken down into six different sections, each of which is accessed through the tabs near the top of the screen.

  • Main: This is the first screen that publishers see upon logging into their accounts. At the top of this page are a highlighted affiliate offer and a short account summary, listing the publisher’s affiliate ID, monthly earnings total, and number of unread messages. Below this is a table of the newest MaxBounty campaigns, as well as the contact information for the assigned affiliate representative.
  • Reports: Reports can be generated for any given date range and are broken down based on the name of the merchant or campaign. For each campaign/merchant for the provided date range, publishers can see the number of clicks, actions, and sales, as well as total earnings and EPC. It is also from this page that publishers can access a referral report, a payment history report, and a sub-ID report. Publishers can also download this information to CSV.
  • Profile: Publishers go to this page to update any profile information, including email address, password, and site information. Payment preferences, including minimum payment amount, are set from this page as well. To change the payment method, however, an email message must be sent directly to MaxBounty.
  • Your Campaigns: This page provides links and the status of any affiliate campaigns that the publisher has deployed thus far. In this way, publishers can access existing campaigns and grab the associated links without having to search through the entire library of campaigns. The campaigns listed on this page are organized based on the name of the merchant. Along with the name, the rate, EPC, and status are also displayed.
  • Search Merchants: Merchants and affiliate campaigns can be searched for based on keywords, category, countries allowed, whether the campaign allows search, and whether the campaign allows for incentivized traffic. The listing is shown with the name of the merchant, name of the campaign, start date, payout rate, EPC, and status. The listings can be organized based on any of these criteria with the exception of the payout rate.
  • Mail: This is the MaxBounty internal message center. Any application approval messages, for instance, can be found in this section.

For each campaign, publishers are provided with the landing URL, campaign ID, description, category, expiry date, cookie length, EPC, countries allowed, commission rate, and a variety of ad creatives. Some campaigns may only provide text links, but most come with some variety of ad banners and text emails.


Registering for MaxBounty is done by completing a single registration form online. This registration form asks for personal/company name, mailing address, phone number, instant messenger information, site information, and preferred payment method.

Following submission of the online form, a MaxBounty representative will call the applicant for further information. Generally, this telephone call is simply out of courtesy and to find out if there are any specific needs or requests on the part of the publisher. The phone call is usually made within one or two business days of the original application date.

Publisher Support

Because each publisher is assigned a personal affiliate manager, this person provides the single best point of contact with MaxBounty. As mentioned above, publishers can get in contact with their affiliate representative via email, telephone (area code 613), and AIM. Email responses are typically within 24-48 hours.


MaxBounty operates on a net-15 payment schedule. This means that publishers will receive payment approximately 15 days after the last business day of each month, assuming that the publisher has accrued the minimum payment threshold. The default minimum threshold is $50, but the publisher can adjust this in their user profile to a different figure, ranging from $50 to $200 in $25 increments.

By default, the payment method is by a cheque in the mail. For most affiliates, the cheque will be written in the funds of their home country and drawn from a bank in their country. Publishers can also contact MaxBounty in order to change the payment method to PayPal (in USD via PayPal’s Mass Payment system) or to direct bank deposits. Among the countries that are supported for direct bank deposits are Canada, USA, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Germany, and Spain.

Referral Program

MaxBounty has a referral program that rewards publishers for referring new publishers to the MaxBounty advertising network. Publishers earn a 5% commission on all referred affiliate earnings for a period of one year.

The referral process is tracked by use of a specific affiliate link and cookies are stored on the prospective referral’s computer for a period of 90 days. The MaxBounty referral program is handled in much the same way as the other CPA offers in the network.


MaxBountyThe personal level of contact with MaxBounty is definitely a selling point, because publishers are assigned a specific affiliate manager to whom they can turn for help, suggestions, and answers to questions. The variety of campaigns available in the network is equally impressive, allowing publishers to promote anything from Halo and satellite TV to travel deals and online dating services.

The control panel is very easy to navigate and most campaigns provide reasonably comprehensive information about the offer and the merchant. The payout level for offers varies considerably, ranging from less than a dollar for a lead to over $20 for a sale. The EPC for most campaigns can be found in the $0.10 to $0.50 range. This can surely be improved.

For publishers looking for another option for CPA-based advertising, MaxBounty is an easy-to-use system and the persona level of contact -- even for smaller publishers -- is an invaluable feature.

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