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Publisher Spot – Professional reviews of “Paid for writing” websites

Become a content publisher, write and get paid. why not write for a blog or publication and get paid for it? This site informes you about wich websites are paying for writing content and what are the expereinces and reviews of these sites.


A lot of Blogsites are constantly on the lookout for new authors who wil write some nice content. So if you love to write and have always had a dream to see your work published on the internet, but don’t want to start or manage your own blog to feature all your writings, start writing for sites who will pay you for writing.

typing-a-reviewSites are willing to pay you for opinions, tutorials, guides, creative writing and in general, great material for readers. You could choose for a tutorial, that is in general an in-depth article that has either a demo or code download link or that is very code-heavy in general, even if it doesn’t have an actual demo.

The sites are also willing to pay more for articles and tutorials that are lengthier or if they feel will do well traffic-wise.

What About English Skills?

One of the challenges for authors is to have a strong command of the English language.
Are you one of those people who don’t have English as a first language, then you have the change that your articles are rejected for submisson based on poor English.

The most sites who will pay you for writing are not looking for perfect English skills, but they have very high standards in this area, so if your English skills are not strong, it’s likely that they won’t be able to accept written content from you. But you can always try different sites, not all blogsites are that strict!

The rates sites will pay you for writing

The Rates vary; some sites pay per post or article, others pay based on article length (per word). Some of these sites require you to write in a query first and they have a string of requirements, style guides, and advice that will help you get published.

Stay tuned!

This site started in August 2017. So, in the next couple of weeks and months you will see articles, reviews and so on. See our Paid blog reviews and stay tuned for more “Paid for writing” websites reviews to come.

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